Björn's Kalaha Game

Kalaha is one of the many variants of Mancala, the ancient African board game.

The game is written as a java applet, but I don't think those work in web browsers any longer.
If you do see the applet here, congratulations, but most likely this page is pointless now.

© 2002 by Björn Myrvold

Written in Java: JDK 1.4 and Swing during March - May 2002
Recompiled in JDK 1.3.1_03

Kalaha Game Rules & Help (also available in the Help menu in the game)
Screenshot & Version History, and list of possible improvements

If you see only a gray box above (or not even that) instead of a start button, you'll have to update your JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to be able to run the game. Get the most recent Java Plug-In (JRE) (or at least version 1.3.1_03) from Sun. Today (May 29, 2002) the latest plug-in isn't 100% functional at all web sites, so I recommend the 1.3.1_03 version. After installation of the plug-in, you may have to restart the browser, and maybe (just maybe) restart your computer to get the game to load.

Links to other Kalaha/Mancala pages

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